About Us

Postcard Kannada is a news and current affairs portal that curates content from various sources focused mainly on the Social, Political, Economic and Cultural life of India. It will reach out, inform, engage and energize the concerned and thinking reader through easy to read commentary, research, satire and opinion. We value your time so our reports are mostly short and concise.

What is Postcard about?
Postcard was conceptualized by individuals who wanted to create a platform not just for countering the lies of Mainstream Media, but also a portal that showcases positive change in the country. Postcard is founded with the firm belief that Democracy, Innovation and Spirituality shall remain the bulwarks against poverty and ignorance.

Who are the people behind Postcard?
Started by three individuals, the team was quickly expanded to include people who could manage and run the website with the right approach and skill set. The extended team includes contributors from different cities. Our writers are not regular journalists, but various professionals with analytical skills and political bent of mind.

What does Postcard stand for?
Our website supports libertarian politics and journalism that is free from the burden of liberal bias and political correctness. It is not a mouthpiece of any political party or individual. Our commentary may at times be supportive of some whose convictions converge with ours.